sm5 and sm5f
SM5 and SM5F Universal Belt Tension Meter

New generation Digital Belt Tension Meter SM5 and SM5F

PIES Australia is proud to introduce the new generation Digital Belt Tension Meter SM5. The new SM5 will replace our SM4 model which has since been discontinued.

With the ne SM5 and SM5F you will experience a better and easier use in comparison to th SM4 model:
          - LCD display with backlight
          - Indicator which indicates the lifetime of the battery
          - Beam of light indicating the direction of the positioning of the measurement
          - Optimized measurement distance (from 2-5 cm between the sensor an belt
          - The SM5 and SM5F model are highly ergonomic

Our new SM5 and SM5F takes advantage of the new generation of electrical components which allows an allotted measurement range of 7 to 450 HZ.
The recent environmental norms concerning recycling have been taken into consideration and the new packaging of the SM5 and SM5F are more environmentally friendly.

The new SM5 Digital Belt Tension Meter will be available in two different versions:
          - SM5       With integrated sensor 
          - SM5F     With flexible external sensor

The SM5 and SM5F  Digital Belt Tension Meters are generally stock items and are available from PIES Australia for immediate delivery. 




SM5 Universal Belt Tension Meter

SM5 with integrated sensor

SM5F Universal Belt Tension Meter

SM5F with flexible external sensor