The “art” of intelligent transport technology

Photographic artists see the beauty of a product. Technicians take a more factual approach, especially when it comes to transport technology. Both these aspects are united in BRECO®-ATN timing belts with v groove, one of many extremely successful developments of BRECO Antriebstechnik Breher GmbH + Co, a member of the Mulco-Europe EWIV group.

The ATN, with its 6 mm wide v guide, is used wherever design excludes the use of flanges. This averts the danger of the timing belt running off the pulley during lateral feeding of goods to be conveyed. For reasons of production technology, symmetrical positioning of the v groove was restricted to 50 mm wide belts, whereas in 75 and 100 mm wide belts the groove is positioned asymmetrically in relation to the total width between the first and second tracks of the inserts. Designers who are looking for transport solutions should consider more than just the solution possibilities offered by the complete ATN product range. The new standards in transport technology set by the ATN system offers the designer flexibility, and shows the photographer the beauty of the product.