PIES Shaft Locking Bushes


Shaft locking devices are used to connect components onto a shaft, giving them the capability to transmit torque and support axial thrust. The devices clamp the components securely to the shaft with no backlash, and without the need for high tolerance bores. They can be used for such items as pulleys, gears, sprockets, and flywheels etc. Simple assembly and disassembly is a major feature of the devices , thus enabling overall cost reductions. They are used to replace conventional fastening methods such as weldings, splines, keyways and taper bushes. 

The recommended machining tolerances for surfaces are:

Shaft diameter   h8
Hub bore     H8

For further information please see the PIES Catalogue or contact us.



RCK 70

  • Application where concentricity and orthagonal positioning is required

  • Designed for medium-high torque ratings.

  • Self centering.



RCK 80

  • Suitable for assemblies on hubs with thin walls

  • Designed to accomodate axial displacements.

  • Self centering.