Idler / Tension Pulleys

Type M

The MULCO tension roller Type M is an innovative development. It is available in 7 standard sizes. The tension rollers are distinguished by a rigid, vibration-resistant load bearing design. The forces acting by the belt pull are reliably absorbed by the generously dimensioned D1 base diameter. The ball race and the load bearing structure are made of AlCuMgPb (F38). The tension rollers are over-mounted on the machine wall. The eccentrical fitting results in an easy adjustment of the belt pre-tension force. To ensure the swivel motion around the mounting axle, the face spanner (pictured below) can be used.


The MULCO tension rollers are fitted with high quality grooved ball bearings. The first filling of the bearings consists of a high-performance lithium saponified grease to ensure life time service. The greases are short-time temperature resistant up to 120C. Permanent temperatures of 70C and above will lead to a reduced useful life of the grease. The stated load bearing parameters refer to the entire tension roller on the basis of a centered belt load.

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Type 1 Type 2 BSR 71-100 BSR 73-100



Type B

Idler pulleys type B run on two deep groove roller bearings. The bearings are lubricated and sealed for life. Normal operating temperatures up to 70C without reduction in life and temporary peak temperatures up to 120C are allowable. The shafts are made from steel and the rollers and flanges are aluminium.


Type B/E with eccentric adjustment  

Type B/F fixed centre


Type B with teeth on the running surface