Generation III

Timing Belts


25% Higher Power Transmission compared to standard AT and ATP Synchroflex Timing Belts !

A Powerful Basis:
The combination of high tensile steel cord tension members and wear resistant polyurethane forms the basis for dimensionally stable and high resistant polyurethane timing belts. A technology convincing with excellent product properties.

  • Constant length, no post-elongation
  • High dimensional stability
  • Transmission of high torques
  • Quieter run
  • Maintenance free
  • No timing belt lubrication
  • high resistance against mechanical & chemical influences

Generation III is currently only available for AT and ATP Series Belts

Each generation is different. GEN III is better!
The intensive development work on the SYNCHROFLEX TIMING BELTS of the AT and ATP series emphasizing on the power drives has proven successful, because an increase in power transmission of up to 25% of the new generation compared to the AT / ATP standard could be achieved. A further economical plus: All SYNCHROFLEX GEN III TIMING BELTS GEN III are suitable for application with standard AT / ATP synchronising pulleys.

The SYNCHROFLEX GEN III TIMING BELTS improved self tracking due to the two-filament steel cord tension members and balanced left-and-right hand cord twist construction.

The new high performance polyurethane is distinguished by numerous performance improvements. Thus,  amongst others, it is possible to consider a higher number of load bearing teeth in the calculation by an increased hardness.
  • Up to 45% more admissible tensile load due to closer wound cords
  • Strongly reduced wandering-off tendency / optimised straight run due to Bifilar tension members and balanced twist direction in S and Z design
  • Reduced friction at the flange
  • Minimised running noise with reduced belt width and equal performance
  • Specific tooth force +25%
  • Longer longevity
  • Circumferential force distribution to a number of load bearing teeth increased by up to 30%
  • Application up to 100C


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