Endless Timing Belts

Brecoflex Truly Endless Timing Belts

Brecoflex endless timing belts with a full length tension member: The Brecoflex Timing Belt is manufactured in endless lengths without tension member interruption. The tension member is spirally coiled. Brecoflex Timing Belts are universal applicable for all tasks in the drive technology up to 10,000 rpm.

Application areas: All drives designed for a high performance should preferably be produced as Brecoflex Timing Belts with a full length steel cord tension member. They can be subjected to both permanent operation or for a start-brake characteristic. They operate in a rotational speed range of up to 10,000 rpm.
Endless timing belts are available in preferred catalogue lengths*. Our production range also permits the supply of intermediate lengths up to a maximum endless length of 20,000 mm.

Materials: Breco and Brecoflex Timing Belts are manufactured according to standard in the material with the designation TPU-ST1 and steel cord tension members. Other materials e.g. for low or high temperature or for contact with food are possible. Likewise high flexible tension members (E) and tension members in stainless steel are available.

* Please contact us for the preferred catalogue lengths.


Following is a list of Pitches that are available: T5 AT5 XL BAT10 ATK5
  T10 AT10 L BATK10 ATK10
  T20 AT20 H SFAT10 TK5
      XH SFAT15 TK10