Open Length & Joined

Timing Belts


BRECO-M (Open Length)

BRECO® TIMING BELTS are constructed of wear resistant polyurethane and high tensile steel cord tension members. Both materials combined form the basis for dimensionally stable and reliable BRECO® TIMING BELTS. An additional nylon tooth facing (PAZ optional) results in a low friction timing belt with high performance. The BRECO® TIMING BELTS is manufactured without length limitation. the Steel cord tension members are arranged with parallel edges. Generally the belts are stocked in 50 and 100 meter rolls.



Linear Slide



Linear Table


Linear Trolley

Open & Joined Breco Belts are available with:

Nylon tooth facing:
An additional nylon facing causes a lower friction coefficient, lightens the tooth mesh in the pulley and reduces noise. Transport belts on bed plates run easier and are wear resistant.
Not Available in T2.5
Ordering Code: PAZ

Nylon on the back of the belt:
An additional nylon backing causes a lower friction coefficient. Application areas in the conveying technology: e.g. for accumulation conveyor (back of belt runs easier and is wear resistant).
Not available in T2.5 or AT3
Ordering Code: PAR

Ordering Code: PAZ-PAR (both sides coated)  


Following is a list of Pitches that are available: T2.5 AT3 ATL5 MXL  
  T5 AT5 ATL10 XL  
  T10 AT10 ATL20 L  
  T20 AT20   H  
For more information please see the PIES Catalogue.          


BRECO-V (Joined Belts)
BRECO-V TIMING BELTS are manufactured from open length material welded to endless belts. In the join area the half number of tension members assume part of the load. The use of endless joined BRECO® TIMING BELTS is preferred in the conveying technology to handle any centre distance

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