Timing Belts

With Profiles


          ATN: Timing Belts with
   integrated profile connections
The newest innovation of Breco Timing Belts is the ATN. The ATN timing belt is especially designed for the application in the transport technology. The flight fastening system in the belt tooth permits fast fitting and replacement of the flights individually manufactured for the conveying application concerned

This flexibility provides a great variety  of application possibilities, not to be realised up to now, compared to other flight fastening systems, as e.g. welding. If required, it is possible to convey different items in one transport system using the same timing belt, but equipped with different flights.

Convincing Advantages:

  • The belt is part of a modular design containing the ATN timing belt, fastening elements and flights/profiles
  • Variable profile pitch with high accuracy
  • The application of various profile materials is possible (plastics, metal, ceramics,...)
  • High shearing forces
  • Fast and easy profile changing when the products to be transported are changing or because of wear and tear
  • No belt deinstallation for profile changes
  • Alternatively for the chain with  all advantages of a timing belt
  • Self-alignment of the profile during the mounting
  • Application of standard pulleys
  • High optical quality
  • Various fastening possibilities
  • Cost effective for the user:
                          -  Standard belt with a high availability and variability
                          -  Short machine stand still times for profile changes
                          -  Low test costs because of changeability of the profiles
                          -  Low spare parts and mounting costs

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Timing Belts with welded-on profiles


The Timing Belt:
A high material value gives the basis for the BRECO-BRECOFLEX-TIMING BELT. It is constructed of a wear resistant polyurethane and a high tensile steel cord tension member.
Additionally, in conjunction with a tooth side facing with polyamide the timing belt has a low coefficient of friction in the guide rail area. The BRECO TIMING BELT is available in unlimited lengths and with any number of teeth.

The Profile:
These flights are made of polyurethane, the same high quality materials as is used for the timing belt itself. Below is a few examples of the profiles. Further special profiles are available. Depending on the customers requirements and within the framework of our production means, the flight shape can be freely adapted to the product to be transported and the special purpose.

The Flighted Timing Belt:
For whatever transport purpose the flighted timing belt is to be used - the back of the belt can be equipped  with any number and order of welded-on flights. The welding of flights onto timing belts are do
ne in our factory in Melbourne.

For further information please see the PIES Catalogue or contact us.

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